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On October 28, Tuesday night, unKIT and Paperclipping.com will partner for a special live broadcast.  Paperclipping’s host, Noell Hyman,  will lead her guests in assembling the “Electronic Love Letters” minibook using October’s unKIT during her live internet show, Paperclipping Live.  If you’d like to attend and assemble the book, make sure to order your unKIT in time to have it by Tuesday night at 6:30pm, Pacific Standard Time (9:30pm, EST).  If we don’t complete the books that night, we’ll finish them the following Tuesday, November 4th.  To attend, go to http://www.paperclipping.com/live.

Noell Hyman, the host of Paperclipping.com, a scrapbooking video tutorial show for the internet, has been scrapbooking with industry products since 1996.  Before that she scrapbooked the “old way” most of her life and started keeping a personal writing journal when she was 8 years old.  Noell works at home with her husband, Izzy of Izzy Video, to produce their high quality tutorials, and has three adorable kids who’ve been accustomed to still cameras and video cameras in their faces their whole lives.

You can also watch the weekly Paperclipping Video Tutorials and the video Quick Tips at Paperclipping.com

Noell’s tips and techniques are current, well-researched, and well-demonstrated.   She shares her creative process as she demonstrates design principles that makes for an informative and entertaining show.

We hope that you will join us this Tuesday evening.  

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