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BIG Broadcast and Chat Tonight

Here are some tips and troubleshooting advise from Ustream to make you streaming experience more enjoyable.

Why do I get error messages when I try to enter a chat room or start broadcasting?
Potential Causes

■Firewall Issues: It may be possible that you are behind a firewall that has blocked off the necessary ports that allow Ustream to connect.
■Flash: It may be possible that you do not have the most updated version of Flash or your Flash has been corrupted

■Open Firewalls: You want to check whether the standard ports for video streaming and chat are blocked. They are port number 1935 for video streaming and port number 6667 for IRC chat. Here is information on how to open the ports:
■http://support.microsoft.com/kb/308127 (PC)
■http://homepage.mac.com/car1son/static_port_fwd_firewall.html (Mac)
■Update Flash: http://www.adobe.com/products/flashplayer/

Why is my broadcast/stream choppy?
Potential Causes

■Insufficient Internet bandwidth: It is possible that the upload speed of your Internet connection is too slow.
■Check your internet connection at http://www.speedtest.net
■We recommend an upload speed minimum of 320 Kbps. 400 Kbps is preferred.
■Insufficient CPU: Ensure additional programs are not running in the background or accessing the Internet (ie Itunes, Skype, Napster, etc). Your stream can become choppy if your CPU usage is so high that it causes your computer to slow down. This can affect both the broadcaster stream quality and viewer stream quality.

■Buffering: You can tell your users to increase the buffering settings on the broadcast. Users can adjust the buffering in the Menu button of the video player.
■Close all other programs: By closing other programs running on your computer (Itunes, Skype, AIM), you will free up CPU and help your computer run faster

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