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Reasons to Love Our Live Show

On Monday’s 9:30pm EST, rain or shine  we broadcast live.  We stream on the computer a scrapbooking show with an interactive chat.

Sometimes we demonstrate techniques, reveal tips, review products, or just talk about trending craft topics.  No matter what we cover, it is always fun and upbeat.   We have loyal followers, and every week we gain some new friends.

We recently switched to liveStream.  Currently, we are borrowing our sister company Jump Create’s channel.

We thought you would like to know some reasons to love our show:

  • no softward or plug in to download in order to watch.   The LiveStream folks have us completely hooked up.  Just click and watch.
  • no lengthy (nor painful) registration to watch or chat.   We just ask for your name that will pop up for chatting.  Easy peasy.
  • fun.  The chat is always “lively.”  The host Sudie keeps the conversation flowing and fun.
  • meet new friends.   The chat is a wonderful way to meet new fellow scrapbookers.  A great meet up. 
  • bunny slippers.   bring your cup of joe and bunny slippers.  There is no need to dress up to join us.
  • come whenever.  if you cannot join us live, just join us.  Lots of folks enjoy our show as an archived video.
  • come wherever.  you can now watch unKit Live! on our site, ning site, facebook.  or you could even embed it in your own blog to watch and chat.  We think that is pretty cool.

We hope you join us and find a reason to love our show too.

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  1. November 6, 2009 at 1:49 pm

    Bunny slippers…my fav reason to chat ol!!! LOL

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