UNderstanding unKIT

This is a new approach to kits. We call it the unKIT.
Simple and UNcomplicated.

How it works:

We put together the kits. You can buy them them at your lss or online. Or not buy them, buy some parts, use your stash, whatever. We don’t care. Skip this month. No big deal. So, we match the goodies for you, and you go buy them.Then we will show you what else matches your kit. Some old, and some found, maybe some new, but all great ideas to coordinate with the kit and make it unique.


To top it off, we will have projects that make good use of your kit.


This is a no stress environment. Unless of course, you want me to get up off this couch and fetch you a kit. Then I would have to say, “Git your own kit. I am not your Mama.”

We match ’em; you go get ’em. Got it? Good.









This concept may take some time to grasp. and that is ok. This is not a traditional kit club. The UNkit is just some suggestions of stuff that goes great together. Maybe we will suggest some stuff you have in your current stash too.

So what makes us different?





No commitment. Just fun.
No kit. You order what you want. Don’t order what you don’t want. Order 2 of your favorites. It’s all good. For your convenience, we will make it easy to order from our preferred online store by having it all picked for you. You can delete or add from the basket to suit your taste.
No inflated shipping and handling. The shipping is what it is. Whatever the actual shipping costs are is what you are charged. How is that for different?!
No extra costs to be your personal shopper. Free! We charge nothing for putting it all together.
Coupons. Some of our preferred vendors have coupons available. We will pass along all coupon codes that we are aware of. That is pretty cool.
Never sold out. Because you get your own unKIT.
Details instructions. Detailed written instructions of projects will be available.
Kits will be put together by guests who will assemble their very favorite must-have products.
No creative cool names for each month’s kits. That will cost you extra. and I don’t want to fiddle with that. We’ll leave that stuff for the other guys.
Unique goodies. Also, available will be coordinating artisan items for purchase on etsy.
We don’t care. Buy a kit. Don’t. Whatever. We do care if you are having fun. If you aren’t enjoying it, why bother?!

So come and visit. Or don’t. Whatever. Just don’t ask me to go fetch your kit.

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