What People Are Saying About unKIT

As a husband of a kit fanatic, I love it! The best part is no monthly commitment and no unwanted (unused) supplies. Everything that she buys is actually used! Great idea! ~Chad at CHA 2009

Sudie is such a sweetheart. ~Kathleen

My favorite way to start the week is with unKit Live! It is like a scrapbooking tv show on my computer. Sudie is funny and motivates me to get those supplies out and create. I really like chatting with other crafters during the broadcast. ~Susan

Applause, applause! Great! ~Debby

I thought I was immune to the lure of kit clubs, but unKit is too fun to resist! ~Debb

Awesomely odd! ~Lorrainne

I know I only have to buy what I want. The problem is that I love it all! ~Bonnie

unKit Live! is a really great show!  Love chatting with my friends  ~Jana

Nancy~ I always look forward to Monday nights now, thanks to unKit Live! 

Maxine~ Thanks so much for tonight’s show, focusing on crafters and charity. The two are a great match. You were terrific.

Elena~ unKit Live! is not to be missed.  Just found it and love it!  Sudie is the Paula Deen of Scrapbooking.

Donna~ Love to laugh with Sudie on her show.  It is just what my scrapbooking life needs right now.  more fun.

YUMMI* *YUMMI  ~Sandrine

Oh the many many possibilities I am imagining in my head already. ~Kerry

That kit is amazing! And the Marshmallow mist is calling my name!!! (regarding Holiday unKit)  ~Jingle

Sudie helps make sense of SO MUCH in her weekly videos. (unKit Live!)  ~Pam

Super delicious ~Bree

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